What is E-Learning?

E-learning, abbreviated as electronic learning, is the dissemination and distribution of learning and training materials through digital means. Although e-learning is classified as a formal learning system, it is distributed through various electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and even cellular phones that have Internet access. This makes it easy for Internet users to log in and learn anywhere and anytime, with little or no restriction.

E-learning can also be defined as a system that allows training materials, teaching or learning in any field to be delivered online through computers or any other digital devices that are connected to the Internet.

In the early days of e-learning, a certain amount of people were very concerned that introducing computers into the classroom for learning purposes removes the human element that many students benefit from. But technology has since evolved, and smartphones and tablets are now generally accepted in both the classroom and office sectors. E-learning also comes with highly interactive animations, video and graphic designs which ensure that distance learning is a valuable and attractive delivery medium.

Education Is Now Available Online: 

Technology has completely changed the way education and knowledge is distributed. The learning class no longer refers to a physical space that is full of students. Students can learn from an environment in which they are comfortable. E-learning has changed the way students think about education and go after their degrees.

Currently, it has become very easy to obtain an online degree or course or certificate of skill. Students are no longer required to attend class and are often able to learn at their own pace. They need an internet connection to be able to download or view lessons and course materials.

Why E-Learning is the Future:

There are many benefits to taking online courses when compared with offline learning, whether you use it to enhance your current knowledge or to enhance the skills and productivity of your employees or for real self-development and career development:

1. It is cost effective and saves time compared to traditional education: By spending time away from the office, traveling and eliminating the cost of printed materials altogether, e-learning will save you money and productivity in your workplace Helps to increase. . It also means that your staff will be happy and focused, as you are showing them that you care about their personal and professional development.

2. Learning 24/7, Anywhere, Anytime: By allowing your employees to complete a course whenever and wherever they like, you can ensure that your company’s busy work schedule is interrupted to a minimum Is on

3. Tracking Course Progress is a Breeze: With a well-designed Learning Management System (LMS), it is very easy to track and monitor the current progress of your staff or students enrolled in your course. This can be very important for popular courses, which are mostly done so that learners will have evidence that they have attended mandatory training while pursuing future job opportunities.

4. It’s Discreet: Not everyone feels very comfortable learning in a large group of people, but e-learning is a medium where anyone can complete their desired subject at their own pace, as well as being interactive and Attractive works can also be combined with thorough understanding. In each course module.

5. It offers a wide selection of courses: As extensive as the Internet, there is an infinite list of skills and subjects to teach and learn. Online learning platforms offer courses for various disciplines and levels, and more and more new courses are bursting on the scene due to the increasing popularity of e-learning.

6. Convenient and flexible: With e-learning, no strict class time, you can login at any time at your own pace to take lectures, exams and graduate on the Internet at your convenience.

Why Abiolian Solutions Enterprise Online Academy? 

At Abiolian Solutions Enterprise, We offer certified online courses in the fields of Computing, I.T and Entrepreneurship tailored to meet individuals specific career needs, leading to Practical Skills Acquisition and Diploma Certification.

Our Mission is to make Technology Education and Certification accessible towards career advancement by providing a Flexible, Affordable and Effective E-Learning experience.

Features and Benefits

Login and Study at Your Own Pace.

Web + Video Lectures and PDF

Exams and Certification

Access to Jobs Opening and Professional CV Builder.

Course Duration: We offer Flexible Self-Paced Learning. Login and Study the Course Chapters at your own timing and start examinations when ready.

Course Certification: Our certificate is within the class of Certification of Completion known as Diploma, widely accepted for documenting and showcasing knowledge/skill gain suitable for job placement.

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