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How to Become a Self Made Digital Marketing Expert


As consumers spend more time using the internet and less time with other channels – advertisers are also forced to follow this trend. The ads have to be there where the eyeballs are. Unfortunately, digital marketing is not as simple and straight forward as traditional marketing. Digital marketing is best done in-house and cannot be outsourced to a digital marketing agency for various practical reasons. This is the reason that digital marketing experts are sought after all over the world right now and the demand for such candidates will only go up in the future.  If you have a marketing background [...]

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One of the most important prerequisites for successful blogging is planning. If you approach blogging with a detailed strategy, this will help you guide your actions and activities when creating, managing, and promoting your blog. With blogging strategy, you design a plan of where you are and where you want blogging to take you. Regardless if you do blogging as a hobby, or you want to discover ways how to make blogging into a full-time job, creating a blogging strategy will help you with reaching your goals and figuring out the right actions that will help you get there. Image: [...]

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Search engines play a major part in online user experience. Essentially, it is the search engines and their algorithms that decide which content to show in the result pages, and in which order. What this means is that bloggers have been looking for tactics and approaches that will help them create content that will improve their visibility and enable them to reach more online users. Among many strategies to help them achieve this goal, blogger outreach and guest blogging are strategies that have shown great potential and enabled many blogs to expand their reach tremendously. Image: What is blogger outreach? [...]




There is a list of things to think about before you are ready to start blogging. These include blogging essentials, i.e., everything you will need to set up and create a blog. Having a list like this one is very helpful to keep everything organized from the beginning and planning your blogging strategy with more success. One of the first things to choose is a blogging platform, after which you will also need the following: Hosting Hosting, also called web hosting, is a service that allows individuals and companies to create and make their websites and blogs accessible to the online [...]

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The first step of creating a blog includes choosing a blogging platform. A blogging platform is a software you use to create a blog and publish content. It is a type of content management system (CMS). Multiple blogging platforms are available online which offer a set of blogging tools and services providing everything you need to set up and run a blog. A platform can be free or paid. WordPress Over 15 million websites on the internet use WordPress, which is almost 30% of all websites worldwide, making WordPress the most popular CMS platform. There are over 76 million blogs. [...]




It has been mentioned on several occasions that blogging is part of online marketing. Essentially, it is a strategy that is closely linked to many other segments that together make what we know as online marketing, i.e., the promotion of a brand or business using online resources and media. Regardless if you are blogging as a company or an individual, regardless your niche and blog popularity, blogging should always be connected with other segments of online promotion. They complement each other in multiple ways, allowing you an opportunity to make the most out of all of them. Image: Your task [...]




What once began as a platform for sharing personal thoughts in online form has now grown into one of the essential and the most effective tools marketers use for online promotion. The way blogging has evolved over the past decade has blown everyone’s mind. During the last couple of years we have been witnessing thousands of blogs around the globe, both businesses, and personal, turning into very profitable activities. It’s safe to say, that blogging has become “big business”. History of blogging Today’s blogging started with something called weblog. The term was created by Jorn Barger in 1997, and it was [...]

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Basic of Email Marketing


What is email marketing? Before i get into the details of how it works and why it is so important, i must first define what email marketing actually is. Only by having a clear concept regarding this, will we be able to understand fully all other aspects that are attached to it. Email marketing, is an internet based strategy that aims to build a bridge between companies and general public. It is a relatively new technique so to say, because it came into being after the advent of the internet and the World Wide Web. The strategy is heavily reliant upon [...]

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What is social media marketing?


It is completely natural for social networks to be acknowledged by the business professionals who have became interested in finding a way to implement social media websites in their business. Marketing, as a discipline aimed at reaching consumers, was naturally the base for implementing social media in business. Having in mind the number of social media users, marketing professionals saw a great potential in establishing relationship with the customers, as well as an opportunity for promotion. That is how social media marketing as a concept has been introduced. The purpose of social media marketing is to present a business through social [...]

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process or science (and sometimes an art in itself) of maximizing the visibility of websites in search engines, in the results they generate and getting the optimum level of relevant traffic directed to one’s site, thus the word optimization is used. This involves a lot more than one would have guessed, from the way that a site is structured, the manner in which it connects to other websites, to the words used in the main areas of the website. It is common knowledge and now statistically proven that the higher up or earlier a [...]

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